So much more than a spell–checker

Tansa resolves proofing issues once and for all. As a leading developer of advanced proofing tools, the Tansa text proofing system can catch errors in words, phrases, names, terminology and punctuation.

Tansa is used by companies and organizations of various sizes and by many of the world’s leading news providers.

What makes us unique?

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Enterprise Solutions

Tansa Enterprise uses a highly customized dictionary based on an organization’s own language profile (preferred spelling and style references). Tansa Enterprise streamlines an often demanding editing process by quickly catching spelling errors, as well as style, word usage, warning words, phrases, proper names and punctuation. Tansa Enterprise is already in use at leading media corporations across the globe and available in a variety of languages. Tansa Enterprise can be accessed within the most heavily used word processors, web browsers and layout tools on both Mac and Windows computers.

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Hosted Solutions

Tansa has taken its robust proofing engine, used by some of the largest publishers across the globe, and made it available as a hosted solution. Now publishers large and small can access Tansa through their web browsers, text editors and page layout tools. These users can process their text against Tansa’s web-based servers.

Tansa Hosted provides the same rich proofing results as our enterprise solution -- catching spelling errors, word usage and style issues as well as the spelling of proper names, places and punctuation. The solution is ideal for bloggers, information and marketing departments, freelance writers, small business owners and many others. Tansa supports numerous languages which are regularly updated with the most pertinent data. Tansa Hosted is a user-friendly and cost-effective language tool that will improve the quality of your text from day one.

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